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We teach classical tumbling which is based on a developmental approach.  

We focus on:

Each student is given individualized attention based on their level of development.  We begin teaching children at 4 years of age and offer classes to adults of all ages.

Classical tumbling begins with basic movements such as bear hops, forward rolls, backward rolls, crab walks, log rolls and so on. We then move on to intermediate skills such as bridges, bridge walks, cartwheels, and handstands.

As each child develops the strength and range of motion, he or she is introduced to skills that build on what they have already learned.  Each child is given individual instruction during class time to advance his or her skill at their own pace. We also share with the students’ ways they could work at home to improve their muscular development and flexibility.   At no time do we request a child to attempt a skill when he or she is not ready to begin the skill.  We also ask children not to begin certain skills at home until they develop the strength and range of motion.

Classical Tumbling uses only mats during each class and all students learn as classical or Christian music is played.


We currently offer classes in classical tumbling and creative movement. As interest is expressed, we can teach other creative arts.